CyMedica Orthopedics

We are developers of a therapy-based digital health combination technology platform that engages patients and connects healthcare providers to actively treat muscles weakened by surgery or knee osteoarthritis.

Our Approach

Our focus is treating muscle weakness throughout the entire journey of knee osteoarthritis, from the early onset of disease to post-operative rehabilitation.

We empower patients.

We believe that actively engaging patients is one of the keys to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our product platform is designed to promote progress and encourage patients to be proactive in their therapy from the comfort of their own home.

Fueled by data. Driven by insights.

We’re dedicated to helping healthcare providers track and monitor patient progress in real time. But that’s just the start—because we believe improving the standard of care comes from insight, not data. We’re here to give providers the products and tools for truly insight-driven care.

Our mission is quality-based care.

We are focused on delivering advanced muscle activation solutions for at-home therapy— because more engaged patients means faster recover times, lower chances of readmission, and improved clinical outcomes.

History of CyMedica

CyMedica Orthopedics was founded in January 2013 by a prominent orthopedic surgeon and experienced medical device entrepreneurs with the desire to deliver faster, more predictable patient outcomes. CyMedica developed a therapy-based, digital health technology platform to effectively treat muscles weakened by knee osteoarthritis or surgery. This award-winning wearable technology, e-vive, is the only FDA cleared, app-based muscle strengthening and patient engagement system uniquely designed to deliver comfortable and individualized muscle stimulation therapy.

Our Leadership Team

CyMedica is comprised of a talented and experienced founder group, board of directors, and executive management team, all with successful operational and transactional experience.

Meet The Team

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