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QB1 Electrode Placement Guide


Remove Electrode Covers

To replace the electrodes, first remove the fabric Electrode Covers and set them aside for later use with the new electrodes.


Remove Old Electrodes

Carefully peel the electrodes from the garment, noting the original location and orientation of the old electrode.


Expose Electrode Wires

Remove the electrode, exposing the white wire and then the colored wire from the Garment. Note, the colored wire may be blue, red or black.


Disconnect Old Electrodes

Detach the white electrode wire from the colored wire. Discard the old electrode.


Reattach New Electrodes

With the new replacement electrode, reattach the white electrode wire to the colored wire, seating the connection completely.


Re-tuck the Electrode Wires into the Garment

Push the exposed wire back into the wire hole of the garment.


Remove the Garment Liners

Carefully peel the plastic liner cover from the tan side of the new electrode, exposing the sticky backing.


Reattach Electrodes to Garment

Gently press the electrode to the Garment, carefully matching the same position and orientation as the original.

Many Garments have bracketed electrode positions printed onto the blue surface for guidance.


Remove Plastic Covers & Replace with Electrode Covers

Remove the plastic liner cover from the black side of the electrode. Replace with the fabric electrode covers.

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