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A big part of what makes recovery from knee replacement or ACL surgery difficult is the loss of quadriceps strength. In fact, most patients lose over 60% of quad strength after knee surgery, which can prevent you from getting back to a normal, active life.

Total Knee Replacement


The e-vive system for total knee replacement (TKA) patients consists of a conductive garment that works in conjunction with our controller and smart device app.


Sports Medicine


The e-vive system for Sports Medicine patients (such as ACL and other knee ligament surgeries) includes a post-operative brace, controller, conductive garment and our exclusive app.



App-Controlled Muscle Strengthening

  • The e-vive system is an app-based muscle strengthening solution designed to help you be proactive with your therapy conveniently from home
  • The device uses advanced NMES therapy to activate and strengthen your quadriceps muscles
  • e-vive is paired and operated through an app on your smart device giving you control of NMES sessions and the ability to monitor your improvement in real-time


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Our Groundbreaking System

  • No smart phone? No problem! The QB1 system offers the same advanced NMES therapy without the need for a smart device
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