A new approach to rehab for a new era of value-based care.

The shift toward value-based care is changing the dynamics of healthcare. Healthcare professionals are being held more accountable to improve the quality of care – and bundled payment model programs are providing a strong financial incentive to reduce post-surgery complications, readmissions, and the associated cost of post acute care.

Value-based care starts at home

We believe one of the keys to the successful implementation of value-based care is the ability to engage patients outside of the office – making rehabilitation more personalized, accessible and easier for the patient has a direct correlation to higher patient satisfaction scores and improved outcomes.

Empowered patients, from pre-hab to rehab

We see an opportunity to transform healthcare for the better by pushing the standard of care beyond rehabilitation into a new era of digital health – one that offers physicians and therapists better visibility and insight into their patients’ progress, and puts more control in the hands of patients.

Transforming healthcare for the better

Under bundled programs, hospitals are now responsible for managing costs over the entire episode of care, including the 90-day post-discharge period. There’s a growing need for solutions that engage patients with their rehabilitation in order to minimize complications that could lead to readmission.

e-vive Improves Outcomes & Economics

We’re here to give healthcare providers the products and tools they need to stay connected with their patients outside of the office, track progress, monitor usage, and set goals-in order to provide more predictable outcomes.
Our relentless focus on technological innovation puts the patient’s comfort, safety, and convenience first, giving them more control over the process – from pre-hab to rehab. e-vive is uniquely designed to not only track the patient’s rehabilitation, but also deliver a therapy that is proven to reduce the post acute care cost. We believe e-vive is the only system designed for knee injury rehabilitation that benefits and presents value to providers, payers, and patients alike in a bundled payment environment.

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